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Kentville Therapy - Prolotherapy, or nonsurgical ligament reconstruction, is known as a treatment for chronic pain. It's helpful for many issues including neck and back pain, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, unresolved whiplash injuries, persistent tendonitis, degenerated or herniated discs, sciatica, TMJ, arthritis and partially torn tendons, cartilage and ligaments.

Prolotherapy might be outlined as what? It is rather necessary to understand what prolotherapy really means. ``Prolo`` is short for proliferation. The therapy induces the growth, creation or proliferation of new tissue in areas where it has become weak and sometimes where the pain is present.

Ligaments essentially are the structural "rubber bands" that hold bones to bones inside our joints. Ligaments may become injured or weak and may not heal back to their original endurance or potency. This occurs largely as the blood supply to ligaments is limited, and therefore healing is gradual and never always complete. Ligaments also have many nerve endings and this enables the individual to suffer throbbing at the areas where the ligaments are weak or injured.

Tendons are the name given to tissue which links muscle tissues to bones. In the same manner tendons may also become damaged, and cause pain.

Prolotherapy uses a sugar water or dextrose solution, that's injected into the tendon or ligament where it attaches to the bone. This injection brings about a localized inflammation inside these frail parts. The blood flow will increase as a result and the movement of nutrients stimulates the tissue to restore itself.

As history points out, Hippocrates was the first to use this kind of remedy on soldiers that had dislocated or torn shoulder joints. He would inject a hot poker into the joint and it'll heal naturally. The principle is similar today, initiating the body system to repair itself.

How long will it take to complete a course of therapies?

Response time for therapy varies from person to person because of our own individual therapeutic ability. The standard number of therapies is four to six for an area addressed, though some may have 10 or more and a few may only take a few treatments before they feel better. The best thing to do is to have a consultation by a trained physician ahead of time to make sure you are an appropriate candidate. After treatment commences, the doctor can relate how well you are responding and can offer an accurate estimate.

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The small town of Kentville, Nova Scotia is located within Kings County and is among the main towns within the Annapolis Valley. The town of Kentville as of the year 2006, had an estimated population of six thousand people and a bigger area population of 26,000.

The town of Kentville is situated along the Cornwallis River which becomes a large tidal river downstream. The town provides the most accessible crossing place on the river along with a limit of navigation for sailing ships. The ford and later the bridge at Kentville made the settlement a vital crossroads for settlements in the Annapolis Valley.

The area was first colonized by Acadians, who constructed many dykes along the river to keep the high Bay of Fundy tides out of their farmland...